When words become irrelevant

I'm a strong believer in the power that words can carry but, unfortunately, there are times where no words are valid for expressing oneself. I learned this too early in life when my father died in 2012. He was my inspiration for everything. He was always pushing me directly and indirectly to do things, to … Continue reading When words become irrelevant


#2.- Croissantssssssss

I have very well established over and over again how inexperienced I was (am) in all this ultra-endurance/bike-packing/surviving-in-the-wild thing, but I had never expected to be so utterly f*cked after riding 30km or so. I mean, I had ridden 6000km before the TCR, I had done a back-to-back 400km ride, routing myself and everything, so it … Continue reading #2.- Croissantssssssss